Monday, March 30, 2009

Victory (savings) Garden for almost nothing

It seems it's possible to save money by having a home garden.  You do have to be careful about costs.  The materials will all cost money and it will take some time.  I'll charge myself zero for the time because it's fun.  We have fairly good soil around here so I don't think I'll have to buy any top soil.  I will need a shovel but I can pick that up at a yard sale.  The water can come from the sky by catching the run-off from the gutters and saving it.  The only thing else I need is seeds.

I figure I'll just save money by spitting.  What is that you ask? Well, we could not figure out what to grow and so it came to me that we will just grow what we eat.  So we have placed a bucket in the corner of the kitchen and just spit out whatever seeds we come across in our meals.  Apples seeds, tomato seeds, watermelon seeds, etc., you get the idea.  My son and I were into this right away, I mean, who doesn't like to spit seeds.  It did take a bit for my wife to get use to the idea but now she says the little ding sound the seeds make when hitting the side of the bucket is like the little ding sound you hear at Vegas at the slots.  It's money in the bank (or bucket, or ground) baby!


  1. Would this also work with popcorn kernels?

  2. It might work but just to let you know you would have to pop the corn, it would not grow as Pop Corn.